Friday, February 1, 2008

WHERE IS YOUR DESTINATION?-critique of an evangalist pamphlet

By:Aaron Murray

Recently,on my trip down to Florida for TAM 5.5,I made a stop at a rest area where a local Baptist Church had placed small pamphlets directed toward truckers called "Where Is Your Destination?".As I read this short piece of pious propaganda,I realized that it perfectly summed up in its five steps to heaven all the propositions of religion-and in this case,the Christian beliefs-that I find so appalling and disgusting.

First,I'll give you the pamphlet in it's entirety and then I'll make a comment on the description of heaven offered,followed by comments on the 5 steps to heaven it lists.Remember,this was created with truckers in mind,so don't blame me for the lame parallels to truck driving it makes-I DIDN'T WRITE IT!


Where were you dispatched on your last trip?Where are you going now?Where will you be dispatched on your next trip?As a trucker,your goal is to arrive safely at your destination.There is no certainty that you will arrive safely,but you will use all of your skills as a truck driver to attain this goal.

However,there is a final destination that you have total control over.At the end of your life,you will be dispatched either to heaven or to hell.It is your choice to make.Your company dispatcher will have no say-so on his trip,because you are your own dispatcher,and you have the opportunity to choose your own destination.

You could choose to spend eternity in hell,where you would suffer pain,agony,and anguish forever.Wouldn't you rather live in a place of no pain,sorrow,worries,trials,temptations,and failures?None of these exist in heaven;instead,heaven is a place of peace and happiness forever.The Bible says that heaven has twelve fountains made of precious stone,streets of gold,walls of jasper,gates of pearl,and a refreshing river of life flowing through it.Wouldn't you regret missing a place like this for your final destination?Sure you would!Jesus,God's Son,does not want you to miss heaven either.When he spoke to His disciples,He told them,"In my fathers house are many mansions...I go to prepare a place for you." (John 14:2).Jesus will prepare a place for you as well,if you will simply accept the payment He has already made for you.He shed His blood and willingly gave His life for you,so your eternal destination will be in heaven.

As a truck driver,you follow a map to arrive at your destination.The Bible also gives a map which you must follow in order to become a Christian and live for all eternity in Heaven


The first stop is that you must realize you are a sinner.The Bible states,"As it is written,there is none righteous,no,not one:" (Romans 3:10). "For all have sinned,and come short of the glory of God;" (Romans 3:23).

The second stop on the Romans' map is that you must realize that your sin has an eternal cost.Romans 6:23 states, "For the wages of sin is death..." This death is eternal separation from God in hell.

The third stop is that you must know that you cannot save yourself or pay the cost of your sin.The Bible says, "Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight..." (Romans 3:20)

Next,you must realize that God has provided the way for you to be saved. "But God commendeth his love toward us,in that,while we were yet sinners,Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8).

Your fifth stop of the Romans' Map is that you must place your complete faith in Jesus Christ.The Bible states, "Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe..." (Romans 3:22). "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead,thou shall be saved." (Romans 10:9).

Do you believe that Jesus Christ alone can save you?He will,if you will simply ask Him. "For whosoever shall call upon the name name of the Lord shall be saved." (Romans 10:13).If you will accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour,please pray this prayer or one similar to it:
Dear God,I admit I am a sinner,going to hell.I know that I cannot save myself.I repent of my sins and put my faith in the blood that you shed for me on the cross to pay for all my sins.I now accept you as my Saviour and trust you to take me to heaven.Thank you for saving me.Amen.

Now,as promised,my thoughts.

The description of heaven:

Reading this description of heaven should instantly slap you in the face as to part of the population it is directed toward and meant to be believed by-the poor and credulous.It's no secret that now,and especially in the times these stories were written,the poor far out number the rich and that dreams of riches and plenty are usually the one occupying the minds of the less fortunate.Basically, it panders to the massive majority of the needy,and like some shady huckster makes an offer it's sure you can't refuse.What value would such things have in a place of true eternal happiness?We're told such things in this life are superficial and of no importance or value,yet it tries to entice you to believe through the use of them.Plus,its more than a little contradictory to teach us to try to live a life free of temptation,when in fact your whole life is actually one big journey of chasing a temptation of riches like some sort of Donkey with a carrot hanging in front of it's head.

After the description of the aesthetics of heaven are offered it is then pointed out how much of a shame it would be to miss out on such a wonderful place.This is where you can't deny the parallel between the wish and the belief,which Sigmund Freud points out in his essay "Future of an Illusion".It's a fact that we tend to accept propositions more easily if they reflect something we wish to be true or is more comforting,even if there is no other reason to believe it's true otherwise.Sure,it would be nice if there was a place where we can meet everyone we have have loved and lost,feel no pain,never be in need and live forever.It would be amazing and comforting for a cancer patient to be told that their cancer has been cured even though it was really spreading faster than ever,but unfortunately the feeling of joy and comfort does not attest to the truth of the situation.I cannot stress enough the need to live life to it's fullest and live it in truth,not to treat life as a long waiting room,because there is no reason to believe there is anything after it,this is the only shot we can be sure of.


This first "stop" can be summed up when Fulke Grenville says we were,"...created sick,commanded to be sound.". This is the proposition that we are created disgusting,unworthy,rotten and that we must constantly remind ourself of this.Created purposely below standard and then condemned for it and told to apologize incessantly and wallow in our own filth and unworthiness. A purely masochistic proposition to accept.


This is a continuation of the first stop,but it takes it even further and tells us that the condition we are created in is now the one we are to be found guilty of and are then condemned to an eternity of torture.


Again,another continuation of the previous two.So,now if you combine all three into one continuous story it tell us:You're created in filth and sin to which you are doomed eternal torture and no matter what you do you can't evade this fate since you were already found guilty and sentenced the moment you left the womb. What raging contempt and malevolence.


Ah,now we are told that through love and divine mercy that even something as vile as us have now been given a way out! As if rolling around like pigs in our own feces-that is our sin-wasn't good enough to evade eternal torture;we now have God Himself in mortal form. What are we to do with such a wondrous gift?Naturally we are to torture and nail it to a cross for no reason,and use this person as a scapegoat for our wrong doings.What morality is this?Who of morally sound mind would say that they would agree to the sadistic treatment and sacrifice of another person in exchange for a one way ticket to paradise?Who would treat such an idea as something to be celebrated and relished in?I think all that needs to be said about this point on human sacrifice can be summed up in the ironically chosen name for this day,given by the faithful: Good Friday.

Lets not forget,that before this torture takes place the mild and loving Jesus tell us for the first time of the horrors of eternal damnation,and that it is what you are in for if you don't believe what he says.Basically,"I'm here to protect you from harm but if you reject me and don't do what I say,great harm will come to you".We have a name for things like this:racketeering.This is something that not even Al Capone could offer.This fear and intimidation is exactly why when given Pascal's Wager most people would bet on God-just in case.


I say,that this final "stop" actually discredits all the stories about how Jesus was a gift of salvation that we are to be thankful for.A kind of " got ya" moment in which you find out the whole thing was all a set up.Now,what do I mean by that? Well,it was the plan from the start that at some point Jesus was to have to die.First of all-why would Jesus have to die?Seems to be a disgusting non-sequitur to me,designed to make us fell in duty bound to an event we had no part in and if you were there and consider your self moral,you should try to do everything in your power to stop it.Second of all-Again,this is another part of the design,something set up a head of time to which we are supposed to praise and fawn over.It's like a fire fighter with a hero complex who goes around starting fires just so he can be the first one to put them out and look like a hero.In Gods case,he's doomed you from the start-as part of the design- only so he can come in and save you,and then we are to find Him amazing and wondrous for doing so and drop to our knees with praise.Nope,no deal.


While speaking with a friend the other night,it dawned on me that-if taken out of a religious context-if God was our boyfriend/girlfriend,people would say we were in a unhealthy and abusive relationship with a maniac.

Simply put:You are with someone who tells you that you are disgusting,fat,ugly,unworthy and lucky to be alive and tolerated.No matter what you do,you are always offending them which makes the punishment more severe.After all this though,you are told by your partner that they love you anyways and that their love for you is the only real love you should be concerned with.Now,one day you come home to find that they have murdered a member of their own family and displayed their corpse for you to see,to prove just how much they love you,and if you do not praise this gift of love be prepared for your own horrific and tortuous demise.

I think it's time we broke up with the idea of God.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mike Huckabee-Science Dead Head!

Wow, Mike Huckabee recently proved, again, that he is a scientific DEAD HEAD!

The first proof that his scientific literacy leaves very much to be desired,came on June 5th when he said during a GOP debate that he does not believe in evolution.In an earlier debate he made statements about how he did not believe in evolution,so he was asked about those statements and asked what he did believe.He started out by saying:
"It's interesting that question would even be asked of someone running for President,I'm not planning on writing the curriculum for and 8th grade science book..."
First of all,if he thought it had no business being in a debate,why did he bring it up in an earlier debate that he didn't think evolution was true?Apparently he did not find it strange or irrelevant then,but thats not the main point I want to make about this opening statement.The most important point is that evolution is a scientifically robust and well proven theory and it's important to know what kind of regard for the scientific community a President will have.He's acting like scientific literacy has no impact or role in the job of the President,and he couldn't be more wrong.

Take for instance,our current president,who is also a scientific dead head.One major area where scientific progress has been hindered by the President and other politicians in Washington is in stem cell research. President Bush gave a speech in May,2005 about embryonic stem cell research and how it's unethical because it destroys the embryo and that every human life is of "matchless value".Ironically for the President,he decided to give this speech while surrounded by 21 families who have adopted "snowflake" children that came from frozen embryos,obviously not understanding that those children wouldn't be there if it wasn't for....embryonic stem cell research!So,you see,when you are a scientific numskull you end up doing things like giving speeches against something while at the same time surrounding yourself with the product of it.

Huckabee then continued by giving the typical mis-representation that if you believe in evolution then you believe:
"..that it's just an accident and that it happened all on it's own"
Of course,he also creates the false dichotomy that you either believe in God or you believe in evolution,which isn't true as most of the religious community,including evolutionary biologists, have no problem finding no conflict between their faith and scientific discovery.Only the really fundamental super duper Bible literalists have a problem with evolution and Huckabee showed he's one of that category with his prior statement of:
"In the beginning,God created the heavens and the earth."
Wow,really?Man,I guess we should just end all the research into Cosmology and Abiogenesis.How can you argue with a QED statement like that?I think all the scientific journals need to end their stupid publications and instead just print a single sentence issue on half a sheet of paper that just reads "God did it".

Now,let's get to proof number two!

In a recent interview on the ABC show "This Week",Huckabee decided he was going to make an analogy about how he's like a Bumblebee when he was asked about people suggesting that he is not a real contender for President.
"It's kinda like the old story of the Bumblebee.By the aeronautical design of the Bumblebee,the wing span,circumference of the Bumblebees body,it's scientifically impossible for the Bumblebee to fly.But,the Bumblebee,being unaware of these scientific facts,flies anyway and makes honey and pollinates the other plants."
I'm sure,to the great majority of people,that sounded like a reasonable and witty analogy,and by the look on his face after this statement,Huckabee thought it was too.Too bad everything he said was 100% WRONG!
  1. Aeronautics is the design and building of aircraft,not the study of how something flies,that's aerodynamics.Maybe he was implying that God is a bad aeronautical engineer and that magic is what makes them fly,but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume he mis-spoke,since he at least got the aero part right.
  2. It's not scientifically impossible for Bumblebees to fly,thats a myth,it's well understood how they fly,so the whole premise of the Bumblebee achieving what people think is impossible is incorrect.
  3. Bumblebee's do not make honey.Sorry to say,but not all bee's make honey and unbelievably Honeybee's are the only type of bee that produces honey.See,the name is the indicator.Who would have known?

I guess the moral of these stories is that scientifically illiterate Presidential candidates = bad,and if you're going to try to make a witty analogy at least try to get something right about it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

U.S Lags Behind In Science And Math (What A Suprise)

It seems,to no surprise to me,that the U.S is still the runt of the litter when it comes to feeding on the nourishing nipple of science and mathematics.

New reports show that U.S students rank 16th below average compared to other OECD countries,in science.In math,we ranked an appalling 23rd below average.These rankings deal with U.S high school students 15 years old,which is quite disturbing seeing how we find that when children in their younger years of education are on top of the international rankings.

So it seems,as we are getting older we are getting dumber in the fields most important,and to which we owe all our thanks for the civil society and luxuries we all enjoy so much.For the record,when I say luxuries I don't mean only things like big screen T.Vs and fast cars,I mean things like the luxury of not dying horrible painful deaths to disease and other such like things.

In a time of such luxury and longevity you would think that we would be embracing science and math more and more with each new discovery,and with each new ancient disease defeated,but we don't.It seems,to me,that lately there has been real contempt and hatred for science. Things like the ridiculously named "intelligent design" movements have been successfully persuading our scientifically illiterate citizens that all of science is some kind of grand conspiracy theory and not to be trusted and that the real answers can be found in saying "I don't know so God did it",which is really a non-answer. We're seeing "alternative" medicine and other pseudo-scientific healing methods taking center stage on our local and national HEALTH news reports as something that really works.One such report from my local FOX station featured an ironically named "healing touch" therapist who would reduce patients pain by not actually touching them at all,as if people dying of the Black Plague and other ancient diseases missed out on the cure of NOT being touched by someone....

Do you get the point of what I mean to say? Is it any wonder to anyone that we are in this sad state of affairs?

Unless we want to return the the dark age's,we need to emphasize the importance of math and all the sciences,and recognize that we would not have got this far without them and instead turn our loathing and dis-trust toward anything,or anyone,that claims otherwise.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Judgement Day for "Intelligent Design"

So,for those of you who might have missed it,the Nova special "Judgment Day intelligent Design On Trial" recently aired on PBS and it did not disappoint!

This program was a telling of the 6 week District Court case of Kitzmiller v. Dover area School District,in 2005.The basic premise of the case was that the Dover School Board voted in the reading of a one minute statement,to be read at the beginning of 9th grade Biology class,saying that evolution was not a fact and that there was gaps in the theory and that students should critically consider the facts. It also let students know that copies of the creationist Biology text book "Of Pandas and People" were available in the library for students to use as a companion book to their regular Biology texts. Eleven parents signed on as Plaintiffs contending that this new policy was in direct violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment,and that the boards motivation to pass this was a religious one.

The statement read as follows:

"The Pennsylvania Academic Standards require students to learn about Darwin's Theory of Evolution and eventually to take a standardized test of which evolution is a part.

Because Darwin's Theory is a theory,it continues to be tested as new evidence is discovered.The Theory is not a fact.Gaps in the Theory exist for which there is no evidence.A theory is defined as a well-tested-explanation that unifies a broad range ot observations.

Intelligent Design is an explanation of the origin of life that differs from Darwin's view. The reference book,Of Pandas and People,is available for students who might be interested in gaining an understanding of what Intelligent Design actually involves.

With respect to any theory,students are encouraged to keep an open mind.The school leaves the discussion of the Origins of Life to individual students and their families. As a Standard-driven district,class instruction focuses upon preparing students to acheive proficiency on Standard-based assessments."

Of course ,as most of us already know,"Intelligent Design" is the exact negation of knowledge and scientific inquiry and is just a re-packaging of good old Creationism,which basically says "God did it". Of course the creationist play stupid by saying its not creationism because it never mentions God directly,but anyone with half a brain knows that "intelligent agent" means God.

The best thing to come out of the case was the discovery of a transitional "fossil",or missing link,between Creationism and Intelligent Design,discovered by Barbara Forrest,while sifting through old publications of the Pandas book . When Creationism in public school was shut down in the courts in the 80's as being Unconstitutional, it didn't stop the creationists,so they simply replaced all mention of God or Creationism with more secular sounding words.Sadly for the creationist,the word processor wasn't working quite well and instead of "creationists" being fully replaced with "design proponents" they ended up with "cdesign proponentsists". OOOOPS!

Any ways,you guys don't need me to write about it when you can view it on the Nova site for free. Also,take the time to read the Judges Decision,as it is very entertaining.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why Sylvia Browne Sucks

As I'm sure most people who will be reading this already know,Sylvia Browne sucks.I'm sure most people have seen the video's of Sylvia's most horrific failures from the Montel show,which have exposed the fact that she just makes stuff up and jumps the gun with her cold reading technique(great book on cold reading here).If you are unaware of such things a great place to see a collection of Sylvia's failures is Robert Lancaster's website, Stop Sylvia Browne.

Recently I gave my boss the date's I expect to miss for work so I can attend The Amazing Meeting in January,and when I mentioned the Stop Sylvia Browne website she told me that she had a personal anecdote about her neighbor and Sylvia Browne.My boss told me that some years ago her neighbor paid to have Sylvia do a written reading on her,in which Sylvia told her that she would die at the age of 58.Guess how old her neighbor is right now?Yep,58,and her 59th birthday is the end of January.My reaction to this was "Oh nooooooo,I hope she's not selling all her stuff or something like that!",to which my boss told me that she was not doing that,but she was indeed making sure all her final arrangements are set to go when she dies soon,which this woman is convinced WILL happen.The other part of the story is that this woman was a recovered alcoholic,but since she's gonna die soon she has taken up the position "why not drink,I'll be dead soon anyways!",and has returned to the bottle. It seems that even though Sylvia is full of B.S,that this womans belief that Sylvia is real,could result,sadly,in a self fulfilling prophecy.

Sylvia Browne is a wretched old hag and a fraud who needs to grow a conscious and a sense of morality. The other person who needs to take that same advise is,of course,Montel,for having such a fraud on his show weekly while at the same time talking about how he's "making a difference". Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see how any of this is making a positive difference,can someone explain that to me?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

9/11 "Truther" Ignorance

One thing that really gets to me about the "9/11 Truth" movement,is that they get all their information from 9/11 conspiracy websites.It seems painfully obvious that only a few people in the movement actually spend any time badly "investigating",then they post their quote mining work,connection stretching,convenient omissions of facts and just down right falsehoods,on the internet and the rest of the movement just takes it as gospel.

Let's not forget,that what 9/11 "truthers" believe happened on 9/11 varies almost person to person. Some think no planes hit any of the buildings,some think there were planes but they were military planes,some think that high energy laser beams shot from WTC 7 vaporized the steel inside the Twin Towers causing them to collapse,some think bombs were placed on every floor of each building to cause a "sophisticated top down demolition". Apparently the truth varies a lot. Let's also not forget,that just like all pseudo science and pseudo intellectual movements,that no one in them does their own extensive experiments or calculations to prove their own points,they only arm chair the real investigations and say "I don't think so" or "that can't be" or "I just don't believe that".

One more little rant before I get to the hilarious interaction with a "truther" that contacted me.You always see the signs and t-shirts that say things like "Investigate 9/11" or "we need a new investigation" or things to that effect. My question to those statements is this; How many more investigations do they want and who do they think should carry out this investigation who couldn't be accused of being a government shill if the investigation,again,doesn't turn out their way? Their own "experts" are in no way qualified to do the kind of investigations(which have already been done) needed,since most of them are not scholars or experts in the relevant fields.So,it seems like a ridiculous statement to make and it's obvious the only investigation they won't write off is one that confirms what they believe.

Now,down to the meat and potatoes of what I really meant this entry to be about.Recently a "truther" commented on a comment I made on YouTube video of 9/11 debunking. This person,1NWOMD,was not to happy that I did not address his comment so he felt the need to e-mail me. In his comment he asked "Who was the head of security and the World Trade Center and Dulles airport?"and he told me to Google the specific question of "who was head of security at the world trade center on 9/11".

This is the e-mail I received[sic]:
"You didnt answer my question!! WHO WAS HEAD OF SECURITY AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER??????? WHO WAS IT???"

Quite an irritating and obviously insane message,right?I thought that since this person insisted so emphatically that I answer his question ,that I would oblige and do as he asked. I already knew the answer to this question but I assumed he was looking for a different answer than the one I knew,so I Googled that sentence and got an interesting result to an article on a conspiracy website entitled; "9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush". Ah ha,very interesting! I'll let you in on a little secret,in case you didn't already know,but this is not the correct answer. At first I was going to write back with the correction,but at the last minute I decided to give him the answer he was looking for only in this reply back:
"Yes,you're correct,I didn't answer your question,so I will answer it now.
First I would point out how irrelevant who was the head of security at the WTC is,since no matter who it was would have no way of preventing air craft from flying into them. Alex Jones could have been the head of security and it would have made no difference.

So,your question is "who was the head of security?" and you suggested I should Google it for the answer. I got an interesting result when I did so,the result I'm sure you are looking for,which said "9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush",so I'm assuming Marvin Bush is the answer you are looking for,correct?"

Will he take the bait? You bet he does! Get a look at this hilarious rant,which all of is incorrect,and especially on the Marvin Bush part.
"It is irrelevant to you because you don't give a shit WHO is really responsible! Irrelevant because you wont look at any evidence other than what the president has outlined!

If Marvin P Bush wanted the buildings to be demolished HE would be the one that could do it!
How the hell is it NOT relevant!! It has EVERYTHING to do with 911 because MARVIN P BUSH is accountable for who is in his building!! He is responsible for the power outages in the buildings in the weeks leading up to 911! If a building could be rigged with explosives HE had to know about it!! If there were a demolition set up in the building HE would have been the one to pull it off with out the tenants knowing about it!! It just so happens that Marvin P Bush was not only head of security for the WTC but DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT the very airport the hijacked plains took off from!! What a coincidence!!! This is called CAPIBILITY!!
As head of security for Dulles he could have let hijackers through the airport! He could have had let them put a half-ton of C4 on the plane for all we know! If the head of security lets them through there would have been nothing to stop them! Being brother to the president, if Marvin Bu$h wanted this plane to hit the WTC all he would have to do is ask! George W. would be the one to make sure NORAD doesn't shoot his plain down! CAPIBILITY, MEANS and AUTHORITY!

The trade towers were filled with ASBESTOS!!!
How about a $7 billion insurance clame Larry Silverstein took out just weeks before 9-11
That specifically specified, "acts of terrorism" Not only that Larry SAID that HE PULLED BUILDING 7- Term for professional controlled demolition
The WTC was Hermetically sealed- Airtight! It cost millions/year to heat, light, cool, and to just provide air throughout the building. They made it this way to prevent fires form making the building going up like a torch. (This is why they didn't just set the buildings on fire.) This is why the buildings didn't burn hot enough to "melt steel" with people standing next to the openings no less. lol
The WTC was filled with ASBESTOS insulation!!!! The cost to remove would be in the billions and no insurance company would cover the cost!
Larry Silverstein knew all of this and still decided to buy theses two white elephants only 6 weeks before 9-11!
Put options were 1000 times more than usual!!! Insider trading and fraud of $Trillions took place in the moments leading up to the attacks!
There were $220 Billion worth of gold in JUST ONE ACCOUNT alone in the vaults at the WTC!!!! Only $200,000. of it was found!!

The BU$H family, Marvin, Jeb and George had MOTIVE, OPPORTUNITY, AUTHORITY, CAPIBILITY, RESOURCES, MEANS, ACCESS, an "intelligence department devoted to A COVER STORY and most of all and a bought off press owned by defense contractors to sell it all to the public so they can have their CASH COW, their "PRETEXT" for war to attack any oil rich country they want!!! How about that investigation?? Nothing like "investigating yourself" And BU$H did censoring 37 pages form the 911 whitewash report!!"

Wow,I think it's safe to say that he not only took the bait,but he also swallowed the hook!This is exactly what I was hoping for so that I could expose him as someone who doesn't even know the basic event's of 9/11.

My response:
"Well,now that I have your stance I guess I should reveal that I wasn't quite honest with my answer. Notice how I said I found an "interesting" result when I Googled the question you asked.I already knew the answer to the question,but I thought that I would check out what you wanted me to.It was interesting because Marvin Bush was NOT the head of security,and I don't know where anyone got the idea that he was. The actual head of security at the WTC,who was killed during 9/11 trying to save people from the buildings,was John O'Neill.This is common knowledge which shows that you read too many 9/11 conspiracy websites that don't even get basic facts right.

Now let's show,again,how you don't even have BASIC knowledge of what happened on 9/11.American Airlines Flight 11,which crashed into the NORTH TOWER,came from.....Logan International in BOSTON,not Washington.Guess where United 175,the plane that crashed into the SOUTH TOWER,came from?Wow,Logan airport in BOSTON,again,not Washington! Both flew out of Boston,and both were cross country flights to L.A,which is why they were chosen because they would have the maximum amount of fuel on board to cause the most destruction.So,as you can see you're WRONG on both counts. United 93,which crashed in PA,flew out of Newark,and was also a cross country flight to San Francisco. Last is American 77,which is the ONLY plane out of the 4,to fly out of D.C,which was also a cross country flight to L.A. So much for Marvin Bush letting the hijackers on the planes to crash them into the WTC,since he was not "head of security" at either. Notice how all four planes took off very close to their targets,which is good for not being shot down,especially in a sea of hundreds of air planes flying about,and all were cross country flights which meant full tanks of fuel.

So since your premise of Marvin Bush being "head of security" for the WTC buildings,and of the airport the planes that crashed into them came from,is false,then feel free to admit that you have no real clue about anything that happened on 9/11 and that you only get your information from conspiracy websites and movies which don't even agree with each other about what the conspiracy is,who also get the main events wrong.

Now,since your basic knowledge of the main events of 9/11 is extremely low,do I really need to address your list of "motives",one of which even people like Alex Jones says is now a wrong conclusion? Do you wish,do you desire?I will,but you'll,again,look stupid."

I suppose "1NWOMD" learned his lesson because it's been a few day's and still not a peep.This just illustrates perfectly that these truthers,who think they know facts,don't even know the basics and then try arrogantly to confront people who have actually done things like read the 9/11 Commission report and the 10,000 page NIST report.

Just for those who might not know all the details of how wrong Mr.1WOMD is,I'll fill you in on the failed Marvin Bush connection before I end.

Marvin Bush used to be on the board of a company called Stratesec,but he resigned in 2000.Stratesec did have the WTC as one of it's clients,but it was electronic security services only(those damn cameras were in on it,i knew it!Sneaky bastards.) and on top of that their contract ended in 1998! So,as you can see this connection was cut well in advance of 9/11,and even the connection they used to have with the buildings had nothing to do with physical security on the premises which totally blows away an idea of Marvin being "head of security".This just shows how far conspiracy theorists try to stretch facts to make a connection.

If I ever get a reply from 1WOMD I'll be sure to post it,but I highly doubt that one is in the works.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Three WTC Building Collapses Do Not Resemble A Controlled Demolition

Over the past couple weeks there has been a couple instances of "9/11 Truth" members basically heckling during the taping of live TV shows and at political fund raising events. The first,was on the 19th during the live Bill Maher show,"Real Time",and the second,was on the 23rd while Bill Clinton was giving a speech at a Minnesota fund raising dinner for his wife's campaign.

One point of the "9/11 Truth" movements government conspiracy hypothesis ,is that World Trade Center Buildings 1,2 and 7 were all brought down via controlled demolition. The main reason for this is that they contest that if you look at a video of a controlled demolition in comparison to the collapses on 9/11,that you will see they look exactly alike. This is no straw man argument since this p.o.v is espoused in all their videos and literature,and if you look at any video on YouTube of a building being demolished the comments are filled with "truthers" making remarks on how it looks just like 9/11.

In this article,I will examine the claim that the events of 9/11 resemble those of a controlled demolition by direct comparison to documented building demolitions,and find that the claim is false and contrary to the visual and audio evidence.

1. Buildings being demolished are gutted.

The very first visual,as well as technical, discrepancy between 9/11 and C.D is that buildings to be demolished are essentially gutted.

Before any building is demolished a great deal of demolition inside the building takes place to expose all supporting structures,and it's obviously needed for the placement of charges. This takes quite a long time and a great deal of time would indeed need to go into gaining access to all the needed points of structural support. No reports of even minor prolonged construction or demolition in the months or weeks following up to 9/11 have been reported. Any visual evidence prior to 9/11 of such activity would be compelling,but it just wasn't present.

2. Charges are linked together.

This point almost goes along with point 1,and that is that all the charges needed to demolish the buildings on 9/11 require massive amounts of wiring. Since,along with the thousands and thousands of charges need to do a C.D of buildings so large,you also need a vast amount of wiring to set them off,one would expect to have seen evidence of such work being done prior to 9/11,and none has surfaced.

I recently viewed a "9/11 Truth" video in which they discuss the amount of work needed to do in pre-demolition,charge setting and wiring only to conclude that:

"Demolition pre weakening usually takes place well in advance of the final blast. But at the WTC,critical prep work might have had to occur in a very compressed time frame in the panicked after math of the plane strikes."
This is a clear non sequitur,as they conclude a process that usually takes weeks or months could have been compressed in a period of a couple hours.

3.Where is the sound?

This point is one of the biggest oversights by people trying to make a direct comparison of C.D and 9/11. If you look at any video of a C.D you will notice that,even at a great distance,the blasts from the charges are very loud and noticeable,and on top of that there is a large amount of blast that can be heard,as well as seen,even in demolitions in which the exterior walls are left intact. This is in stark contrast compared to what we hear in all the videos of the collapses on 9/11. There are a few videos taken at ground level of the foot of the WTC buildings and you don't hear a single explosion,let alone the hundreds or thousands of them needed to take down buildings of such size. You also see no explosions, even though the exterior of the the WTC buildings were basically all windows.

The best thing the "Truth" movement can come up with to try to explain this is that firemen inside the building reported a "secondary explosion" after the planes hit. This is a fatally weak point,as a couple of explosions are embarrassingly insignificant to do a C.D of the WTC buildings. Also,there is no way to know if what they heard were even explosions,or if they were,what the cause of them were.The "Truth" movement makes a fallacious grand conclusion that what the firemen heard were explosions for C.D charges.

4.Charges are set off in delays.

When you hear the blast patterns of a C.D you will notice that all the charges are not set off all at once,but they are delayed and staggered to create the desired control. Aside from the already pointed out fact that you don't hear or see any explosions in the pre-collapse videos, you especially don't hear or see delayed blasts over a a short period of time.

5.The collapses do not visually resemble a C.D.

Aside from any technical points,proponents of the C.D hypothesis think that just watching the buildings collapse is a revelation to the truth. I find this to be the biggest non-sequitur as direct comparison contradicts the claim that they look the same.
In the case of WTC 1 & 2,there are two stark differences between what it looked like when they fell and what it looks like in a C.D:
  1. Buildings in a C.D fall from the bottom up,not the top down.
  2. As the WTC buildings fell there was a cloud of debris gaining in size and streaming outward to the sides.
WTC 1&2

Here is an example of what a controlled demolition really looks like:

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Nice and clean all the way down.

Now,let's look at what a couple of different angles of the WTC buildings collapsing look like:

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Notice how it buckles at the top and then falls from the top down creating a huge debris cloud which increases in size and ejects material in all directions.This is consistent with what you would see if the building was pancaking all the way down,not a controlled demolition.

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This angle perfectly demonstrates that the collapse was a top down collapse which is not what you see in a controlled demolition.

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This is another angle showing that it is a top down collapse,not visually consistent with a controlled demolition.


The one of the 3 buildings that is by far claimed most often as proof of a C.D ,is WTC 7. Other than the visuals of the collapse,the "truthers" state that since no airplane hit the the building,and that there was only minor fires,that there is no plausible reason for the building to collapse. Before looking at the visual evidence,it's important to refute the other statements about WTC 7.
  • While it's true that no planes hit the building,this totally ignores the fact that most of the buildings south face (the side opposite of what you see in the "9/11 Truth" videos and literature) was destroyed and the building was gashed out in the middle,from debris of the first collapses.This is important when looking at the collapse of the building.They try to create a false dichotomy by suggesting "either a plane hit it,or there was no major damage to the building",which is totally false.
  • The claim that there was only a couple minor fires is completely false.In the "9/11 Truth" movements videos and literature they quote mine one or two quotes out of context to try to draw this conclusion in contradiction to the true state of the building.This is just 100% dishonest and deceitful.
Here is what the collapse of WTC7 looked like:

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Notice how the building twists and buckles in the middle,consistant with the damage on the opposite face of the building,and falls down.Also notice how there is no evidence of explosions,no flashes and no burst out of the windows.

While the damage did create a C.D demolition type illusion,when you compare this collapse with the collapse of other buildings of similar shape and size you will notice it is very different on one major point;they are demolished from one side and move toward the other.

Here are some example of what smaller box shaped building implosions look like:

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Notice how this is not buckled in the middle,but starts implosion on the right and then moves toward the left.Also note how you can see the explosions,especially by the busts created by them which you don't see in the case of WTC7.

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Again,the right is blown first and then moves toward the left.

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Right to left,not down the middle.


It would appear,that the claim of resemblance to a C.D is,indeed,unfounded when making simple direct comparisons,and the correlation is only asserted and not demonstrated.The collapse of all the WTC buildings are in direct contradiction to what we do indeed see in C.D in all points.